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Tiles and stones serve more than just a protective surface at homes and establishments. They also play an integral role in beautifying and enhancing the interior decor of any space.

At San Diego Stone and Tile Installation, we recognize both the aesthetic value and practical uses of tiles. We dedicate ourselves to giving residential and commercial buildings an interior look that many will love and envy.

Since we treat tiles as a long-term design element, we perfected our craft and invested in premium tile products and tile installation equipment. We also recruited the best tile installers in San Diego to ensure that our clients receive quality tile installation services.

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Interior surfaces such as tiles or stones play an integral role in beautifying any space while also providing protection from water damage.

We’re proud to offer the best tile installation services in San Diego, thanks to our focus on quality and craftsmanship. You can trust us as Certified Tile Installers to get your floors looking their best.

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An Overview of Our Products and Services

As a full-service tile installation company in San Diego, we strive hard to meet our clients’ construction project requirements. From tiles to stones, repairs, backsplashes, installation, and more—our team offers a solution befitting every home and business need.

Types of Tiles

San Diego Stone and Tile Installation supplies several tile types, including travertine, porcelain, and wood-like. Each tile material boasts of different patterns, designs, and colors that will match any requirement possible.

A travertine tile gives out a naturalistic appeal because of its soft, subdued color palette. Since it’s a sedimentary rock, this tile type has high porosity and isn’t ideal for high-traffic areas.

As professional tile contractors in San Diego, we understand that this tile’s porousness requires proper installation and sealing. Our tile experts will install travertine thoroughly
To maximize its unique blend of mountain-born beauty and elegance.

Porcelain emulates the look of a natural stone, brick, or even wood, making it one of the most popular tile materials. Although it’s among the expensive tile types, porcelain tiles are denser, less porous, and can retain their elegant finish without regular upkeep.

Since porcelain tiles have fewer weak points, we recommend homeowners and contractors to use this type of tile in their construction projects. It’s best to place porcelain tiles on the kitchen, bathroom, high-traffic areas, and even outdoors.

Wood-look tiles are a popular tile option for people who want to achieve the look of a traditional wood floor. Thanks to modern design technology, it’s easy to mistake this tile type for real wood flooring.

Laying this kind of tile requires more precaution because most wood grain tiles rarely ever completely flat. When clients choose to install wood-like tiles in their space, our team ensures the tiles are even as possible to avoid lippage and trip hazards.

Types of Stones

San Diego Stone and Tile Installation also has stones that can complement the interior spaces in homes and other establishments. Below are two of our best-selling interior pieces:

Glass creates a fun mix of contemporary and exquisite feel in kitchen backsplashes and shower walls. While this material is easy to clean and offers unmatched beauty, it’s particularly difficult to install.

Here’s the catch: our team of tile installers in San Diego knows the techniques needed in glass installation. Whatever glass endeavor our clients want, we’re sure to deliver the best results.

Marble gives any space a sense of prosperity and can emanate style and sophistication. Since it’s a luxurious option, using it as countertops, floors, surrounds, and walls are expensive and time-consuming.

Marbles are extremely heavy, and only skilled technicians can insert them fittingly, without damages and waste. That’s not a problem, however, because we have skilled professionals who can handle the sealing and installation with great care.

Our Tile Services

San Diego Stone and Tile Installation specializes in every service that involves tile crafting. We offer tile installation, do tile and grout repairs, create backsplashes, remodel kitchen and bathroom, and perform retiling.

Tile Installation

Laying the tile looks easy, but the process is not. Only professional tilers can ensure tiles are taken care of perfectly from installation to finishing. They finish the job in the stipulated time, use the latest technology, and avoid a mess or unnecessary damages.

Tile installation is an intricate job. That’s why we hire professional tile installers in San Diego with high levels of knowledge on tiles and expertise in the tiling process. Our team of tile experts does the needful, meaning the only task left to customers is to choose and buy their desired tiles.

Tile Repair

A travertine tile gives out a naturalistic appeal because of its soft, subdued color palette. Since it’s a sedimentary rock, this tile type has high porosity and isn’t ideal for high-traffic areas.

As professional tile contractors in San Diego, we understand that this tile’s porousness requires proper installation and sealing. Our tile experts will install travertine thoroughly to maximize its unique blend of mountain-born beauty and elegance.


Tile backsplashes never fail to inject personality into the kitchen and laundry. They add style and glamor to these spaces, not to mention that they also protect the wall against water damage from inadvertent splashing.

While many people think tiling a backsplash above the counter is easy to pull-off, the do-it-yourself or DIY approach doesn’t guarantee exceptional results as compared to the work of professional tile installers. It’s still best to contract the tile installation to the experts—and that’s us.

Grout Repair

Grout is an essential part of the floor and wall foundation. It bonds the tiles together, prevents debris from getting under and between the tiles, and seals the surface to avoid leakage. In short, grout adds rigidity and strength to the tile installation.

Most people take a DIY grout repair. The truth is, grout requires delicate attention. Tackling the repair without knowledge of grout materials will only cause more damage to cracked grouts. At San Diego Tile and Installation, our tile experts can restore tiles to their original beauty.

Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchens and bathrooms are often the most remodeled areas in homes, condos, and other establishments. The renovation often comes to mind because of severe tile damage or a new design concept.

Unlike tile backsplashes and grout repair, kitchen and bathroom remolding isn’t something that people can and should do the installation themselves. Tiles are great accent pieces, and the DIY approach can only break the remodel. Leave the tile remodeling to our tile and floor specialists!


In some cases, updating the look of a room or area doesn’t require a complete overhaul or remodel. There’s no need to tear down the whole walls—just remove the old tiles and replace them with new ones.

Retiling requires a little effort and saves homeowners the worry about damaging electrical wires or plumbing behind the wall. Our tile installers in San Diego can carry out any retiling project and guarantee zero damage in the process.

Our Tile Applications

San Diego Stone and Tile Installation offers the highest quality products and services at an affordable price point. Our team understands the tile handling and installation best practices and put them into application to complete any tiling project possible.

Interior & Exterior Flooring

Both interior and exterior flooring are an essential design element in residential and commercial spaces. The floor is what most people first notice when they set foot in a particular place.

Also, the flooring can give spaces a different feel and ambiance. Depending on the design and color, tile flooring can emanate a cool and warm atmosphere and make a room look large or small.

This is why it’s important to choose the right tile that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of any home or establishment. Our tile installation experts in San Diego will make sure to install tiles proficiently. They will also go the extra mile in providing clients tips on maintaining the tile floors and selecting the right tile for both interior and exterior flooring.


Besides aesthetics, tiles have practical uses in the kitchen—they add a layer of protection against drop and stains, repel moisture for easy maintenance, and prevent water leaks and bacterial growth.

No other building material can boast the above aesthetic appeal and utility—only tiles. At San Diego Stone and Tile Installation, we have tile specialists who fully understand the value of tiles in the kitchen.

Our team can deliver top-notch results, be it kitchen backsplashes, retiling, grout repair, and so on.


Like kitchens, bathroom spaces benefit from tiles as well. Floor and wall tiles can enhance their mood and offer extra protection since they’re naturally wet, moist, and humid.

Bathroom floor tiles are typically smaller in size, and it’s a good thing. Since they’re small, they can be pieced together to create fascinating patterns, pop-up designs, framed accents, and more.

We have the best tile installers in San Diego who can help with every bathroom construction and remodeling project. Whatever look our clients wish to achieve, our team can surely pull it off beautifully.


Is it okay to put tiles on the fireplace? The answer is YES. There are three parts of the fireplace: firebox, surround, and hearth. While tiles aren’t recommended for applications that exceed 175⁰F (80⁰C), like firebox, they work great in the surround and hearth.

However, there are special considerations when installing tiles on the fireplace. It’s better to seek help from professionals who know special building codes, understand installation requirements and employ installation techniques.

Our San Diego marble and tile Installers have the above qualities and expertise needed in fireplace tile installation. They can highlight the warmth of fireplaces with surrounding and hearth tiles that reflect a home’s style.


San Diego’s Tile & Marble Experts

At San Diego Stone and Tile Installation, we have the best team that brings a world of unsurpassed artistry and tile craftsmanship. Our tile and marble experts will happily assist in all kinds of tile projects, give tips on choosing the ideal tile type, and improve the quality of home life and customer experience.

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